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Identifying our individual and collective impact

The Water of Systems Change, by John Kania, Mark Kramer, and Peter Senge, clarifies what it means to shift the conditions holding problems in place and provides an actionable model for those interested in creating systems change. 

Read The Water of Systems Change via FSG >

When it comes to our individual strengths, members of CR Miami found a common thread in the Relationship and Connections category within the Six Conditions of Systems Change. As a group, the CR Miami community cultivates the best in class resources, access and expertise to grow Policies, Practices, Resource Flows, and Power Dynamics that ultimately contribute to shifting Mental Models and lead to transformative change in each of our sectors.

The Six Conditions of Systems Change for web (1).jpeg

This cohesive community we’re building along with our members allows us to share resources and reflect on strategies for lasting impact. We continue to devote significant time to identifying our impact as leaders in our communities, companies with leverage in our city, and a network of change makers.

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