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The collaboration between Radical Partners and CIC Miami has given life to our CR Miami group. Both organizations are dedicated to convening and empowering South Florida’s leaders. While Radical Partners is a social impact accelerator, investing in leaders, engaging locals, and co-designing solutions to collectively make communities stronger, CIC Miami combines coworking, flexible offices, and laboratory spaces layered with robust programming, advising, and community building initiatives.Both have a shared mission: to ensure that startups, companies, and innovations leave a positive impact on our environment and  that they add value to Miami's community.

This collaboration ignites this community of CR professionals by focusing on each of the organizer’s strengths. Together they co-created a community that builds capacity among CR professionals, provide collaboration opportunities, and identifies their sharedimpact, while achieving a sense of belonging and an identity that defines them.

Thus, Radical Partners currently manages the network activities and communications, while CIC Miami collaborates and provides the meeting place for the community. Both organizations will provide human resources so that this social impact community advances and adds value to Miami.




Cisneros is a privately held company, originated in Venezuela, with over 90 years’ experience operating businesses globally. The company currently focuses on digital advertising, media & entertainment, real estate, social leadership, entrepreneurship, and new technologies, with headquarters in Miami.


Cisneros’ commitment to gender equality is a priority in its corporate social responsibility strategy that gives way to the development of several initiatives that benefit women and girls. One of these is its program to train and empower Venezuelan women entrepreneurs, and for three years, that mission has been successfully carried out in Miami. To achieve this, Cisneros joined The Idea Center of Miami Dade College to develop “FOCUS Mujeres Emprendedoras”, a local adaptation of the program previously offered in Venezuela.


To achieve this, Cisneros joined The Idea Center of Miami Dade College to develop  FOCUS Mujeres Emprendedoras, a local adaptation of the program previously offered in Venezuela. 

The Idea Center, which serves as a support network for all Miami Dade College students and community members to make creative, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas come true, proved to be the ideal partner for this task.


By providing tools and resources to validate their business model with twelve weeks of training and facilitation, to date FOCUS  has had a direct impact on the lives of 56 immigrant women, facilitating their ability to adapt to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a new country and to provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families.


At CR Miami, we were a channel that facilitated this alliance through networking and the facilities we provide for collaborative work between the companies and institutions that are part of our network.




Moments of crisis are moments of opportunity, and this is how Microsoft and Citi Bank saw it when the pandemic began. By 2020, the entire world began to experience the isolation that affected all people. Still, these two companies also focused on how this isolation affected small businesses and non-profits in Miami.

They joined forces to develop a platform that mainly communicated and resolved the lack of information. "Axis Help Miami" was born to bridge connection and contact when the planet asked for isolation and distance.

Axis Help Miami connects Miami-Dade residents and small business owners in three languages ​​(English, Spanish, and Creole) with the resources to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and emerge stable and strong. Since then, they have positively impacted the businesses of more than 800 small businesses and non-profits; and have helped more than 23,000 people find solutions to their needs.

To carry out this Project together, on the one hand, Microsoft offered all the technology, support, and technical skills to carry out the Project.

In part, the union of these companies is due to CR Miami and our efforts to generate instances of rapprochement and collaboration between companies that seek to effect a positive change in our society.

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